Journal to Idol: Part 2

Rock on!

Rock on!

The results are in and Weapons of Mass Percussion did not make the finals.    The whole group did a great job and I was sad to see it come to an end!  We all had a lot of fun, making music 2 to 3 times per week for 3 months.  My life is better for working with these individuals.  Some people lump individuals with disabilities together but they are all unique.   Some of my group have Down syndrome and many people think individuals with DS are all alike.   That is also not true.   They have definite likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams,  favorite hobbies, foods, etc., just like you and me.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to put on this HUGE production at the Vocational Guidance Center.   The staff cleared out their cafeteria and turned it into a beautiful concert venue.  Special thanks go to everybody in Work Training II for all their help and support, and especially supervisors Denise and Dawn, to Pfabes Music in Painesville, Ohio for the use of the drum set and Best Truck Equipment in Willoughby for buying the group’s cool T-shirts.

You can view video taken by Fox8 television here.

WOMP’s journey ends here but the Journey to Idol continues for ten finalists.  They will perform on stage at Great Lakes Mall on March 30 at 2 pm.  I encourage you to come out and support their efforts.  Last year the show was amazing and I know this year will be the same.

You will also be able to view an art show of the top art projects from all of the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities programs.   I’ve seen many of the entries and not only do they have musically talented individuals in their programs but artistically talented also.

WOMP hopes to perform again next year – I’ll keep you posted!  Enjoy these performance day photos.


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3 Responses to Journal to Idol: Part 2

  1. Reggie says:

    WOMP clearly rocks! 🙂 Love the pink wig.

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