About Me

Muse: def. – verb – A state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction

Hello!  I am blogging to you from Northeast Ohio, an icebox 10 months of the year and an oven the other two , not always the same months from year to year.  I live approx. 1 mile from Lake Erie and most times enjoy it except when the wind is from the north coming over the cold lake.  I am a foodie and I also dabble in making jewelry.  I have a full time job as an office manager/bookkeeper for a truck and lawn equipment company and another full time job as a wife to Dana (named after Dana Andrews the actor, you have to be really old to know who that is, look it up) and mother of one son, Andy, who has Down syndrome – I’ll be talking about Andy’s life journey too (read Andy’s story here).  Our family activities include going to concerts, movies, watching DVD’s, traveling and bicycling (when it’s not snowing).    By the way – Dana has his own blog – Mid Life Adventures– check it out, he’s into bicycles, cooking, and stargazing.

Andy on the Riverwalk in Newport, Kentucky

Andy on the Riverwalk in Newport, Kentucky

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Larry says:

    Loved your story about Andy. I agree, Andy rocks! I also agree that you all were fortunate to have lived in the districts you have. It requires a lot of resources and willing people to meet the needs of every child.

  2. moondustwriter says:

    would love to connect with you. Early 2010 am writing a book (with a team) for parents of small children with disabilities. Would love to have you share some of your insights into Andy and the wonderful guy he is.

  3. readersheaven says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Nancy Vandemark Lucas Wilson says:

    I am enjoying your “musings”. Found you through Ron Coffey’s blog. Have wonderful memories of all of your family. You are so talented! Nancy

  5. Debbie Zampini says:

    I would like to use a couple of your photos in a history brochure and want to find out what your requirements are.

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