Ice Bubbles

Foolishly I thought we might be done with winter here on the North Coast.  Today we woke up to 3″ of wet snow.  Guess we will be having a white St. Patrick’s Day!  I was considering going shopping today for a pretty, springy Easter outfit.  Two weeks away, there’s some chance that we might have a warm up by then.  But for now I’ll keep my sweaters handy!

Ice Bubbles

Ice Bubbles

I took this photo last weekend at Concord Woods Nature Park, part of the Lake Metroparks system.  Around the edges of the pond the ice was clear, well clear-ish.  Bubbles of all sizes were frozen in the ice.  While I watched more bubbles came up from the leaf litter covering the bottom of the pond.  Was this from decomposition of the leaves or was there a little creature hiding down there?

Not much was moving at the park that day.  Here are some more photos of the park and the beautiful blue winter sky.

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1 Response to Ice Bubbles

  1. Reggie says:

    How eerie… I wonder where the bubbles came from?

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