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Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Photos

This photo challenge was, well, challenging!   My family had a lot of fun this year.  We only left Ohio twice, and even then we just went over the border into Pennsylvania.  We went to a lot of beautiful and … Continue reading

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Old Photos and Ancestors

I am fascinated by old photos of people.  I love to study the expression on their faces, the period clothing and jewelry, furnishings,  backgrounds.  I think it’s sad that these family photos end up for sale at a flea market … Continue reading

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Summer Graduation

Before we headed into the Hocking Hills we had something to celebrate.  Dana, my husband, finished up 18 grueling months of a Masters in Business Administration and now it was time to graduate and party! My whole family, Dana’s mom … Continue reading

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County Fair!

It’s county fair time in Ohio!  Most are already over, a few are still to come.  Dana and I went to the Lake County fair on Thursday evening.  Our county fair is different from those in very rural counties.  Lake … Continue reading

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The Monster in the Creek – A Story for Father’s Day

My father, Harry Turner,  has always loved to fish.  He taught all four of us kids and we usually dragged along with him whenever he headed out to drop a line in the water.  We lived in the country in … Continue reading

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Erie Bluffs – A long walk to a small spot

Just a few miles beyond the eastern border of Ohio is Pennsylvania’s newest state park, Erie Bluffs.   Dana and I found Erie Bluffs about a year ago when we were touring area wineries.   On that trip we only visited the lower section of the park, … Continue reading

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The Queen, my sister and me

Despite our connection to the Queen of England, we have been snubbed again.  Not invited to the Royal Wedding last year, not invited to the Diamond Jubilee this year.    After all, my sister and I are named for the royal princesses.   My middle … Continue reading

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Who are your people?

When I was growing up I would hear the old folks talk about other families as “people.”  “Her people come from {somewhere}” they would say.  Sometimes this was said proudly, sometimes matter-of-factly, and sometimes it was a derogatory commment.   Pedigree … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Andy!

  How time flies!  23 years ago we welcomed a sweet baby boy into our lives.  In lots of ways Andy was not what we expected, but in other ways he is just what we should have expected.  Takes exactly … Continue reading

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Andy feeds the birds

It was a beautiful blue sky day today on the North Coast, temps in the 60’s.  That’s a real bonus for us in December – we could just as well be under several inches of snow.  No worries about that today!  … Continue reading

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