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Spring Break in Lake County

Spring can’t come fast enough for me!  I  have definitely had enough snow, wind and ice.  Slush covers every street and parking lot, salt is encrusted on my car.  I no sooner get it washed than the cycle starts again. … Continue reading

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Frozen Water and Jeni’s Sorbet

After seeing all the hype in the media about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams seasonal flavor, Influenza Sorbet, Dana and I decided to take a Sunday drive to Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  This quaint town in Northeastern Ohio has the closest Jeni’s … Continue reading

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The Rhododendron Thermometer

This winter’s first REALLY cold temperatures are predicted for the North Coast next week, a high of 12 degrees F (!) for Tuesday.  Time again to talk about the Rhododendron Thermometer.  The illustration above shows leaf droop as temperatures drop. … Continue reading

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Snow Day for Squirrels!

This furry red squirrel is enjoying a feast of sunflower seeds and corn.  Good thing Andy filled the feeders before the snow storm started today! Photo taken in my backyard in Mentor, Ohio, USA.

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Waiting for Snow

Measurable snow, plowable snow, shovelable snow – these terms have all popped up in the last few days here on Northeastern Ohio television and radio stations.  Plow guys are checking their hoses and hydraulics.  Homeowners are gassing up their snowblowers … Continue reading

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Holiday Epizootic

It’s the Christmas holidays and I don’t know if it’s the weather – warm to cold, cold to warm –  or because we are all out there bumping into each other and spreading the germs around but the seasonal “bug” … Continue reading

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A Taste of Sunshine in the Dark of Winter

Here on the North Coast we rejoice in spring, when the snow and ice retreats, Jack Frost returns to the North Pole and the growing season begins.  We also mourn when the last of the summer berries and tomatoes, the … Continue reading

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Winter Wings

A beautiful snow photo by Lisa DeJong of the Cleveland Plain Dealer… “Blowing wind drifts the snow into a feather-like pattern as it wraps around a picnic table at Marine Tower West apartments on the Gold Coast in Lakewood Feb. … Continue reading

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Creativity Tapped

Photos of artwork exhibited at Creativity Tapped, Maple Inspired Art. West Woods Nature Center, Geauga County, Ohio. Continue reading

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Downhill Fun

First of all, I have to tell you that I ruined Andy for snow sports long ago.  When he was still a baby, I sent him down a very small slope at my parents house on a sled, he was … Continue reading

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