Art Show at VGC*

Andy's artwork

Andy’s artwork

Just like the spring flowers, art and craft shows are popping up all over!  A couple of weeks ago the call went out at Andy’s workplace for spring themed art and craft items to display in their front showcase.  I knew there was a lot of artistic talent there and many wonderful pieces were submitted for display.  Of course our favorite guy, Andy, got busy and made a lovely spring scene using craft foam and tissue paper.  In fact, Andy was one of the winners  in the show and he was presented with a very nice kit for making 3 different wooden vehicles.  He will enjoy putting these items together and painting them.  Here is a photo gallery of all the wonderful art work.

A winner!

A winner!

*The Vocational Guidance Center (VGC) is one of the adult workshops run by the Lake County Board of Development Disabilities/Deepwood.

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3 Responses to Art Show at VGC*

  1. Melinda Rowe Kessler says:

    Congratulations, Andy! What beautiful artwork. 🙂 And also to Sally & Dana for being supposrtive and encouraging to this wonderful young man!

  2. Deb Platt says:

    Congratulations to Andy on having a winning entry. The wooden, model cars sound like they would be fun to put together and decorate.

  3. Reggie says:

    Well done, Andy! What a gorgeous tree, with such pretty and colourful butterflies. A well-deserved victory. I look forward to seeing the model cars when you’ve put them together. It sounds like sooo much fun.

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