Turkey Trot

A couple of weeks ago I was mightily surprised to see a flock of wild turkeys in a field near Andy’s workplace.  Today I got a chance to see them up close.  I counted 16!  Only had my phone so this photo isn’t great.

These four ran across the road in front of me and a school bus.

I spent the last few days in the middle of the “wilderness” in Southern Ohio and I did not see one turkey or deer.  Since I have been back in the “city”, in 2 days I have seen this very large flock of turkeys and 8 deer.  We do live close to nature here.

Hope to get some better shots of the flock in the following days.

Photo taken on Deepwood campus, Deepwood Blvd., near Building A.  Mentor, Ohio, USA.


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4 Responses to Turkey Trot

  1. We had a flock (maybe a dozen) of the gobblers on the lawn at Deepwood Condos one morning about two weeks ago. I think it was the first time I’d ever seen wild turkey up close. What a delight!

    • SallyK says:

      I’ve seen wild turkeys in Mentor and Willoughby before but this flock is so big! Some were sitting on a fence behind Deepwood’s Building A and just before they flew to the ground they flared their tail feathers. Very cool! You should have fun watching them up there. You could easily turn them into pets if you put out some feed 🙂

  2. Hi there. Just reading your posts, regards your sighting of Wild Turkeys in the city. It never fails that as a birder, you can drive miles to a supposed sighting location, see nothing, and then turn the corner at home, and there sitting in a tree, is the bird you went looking for! It never fails. So seeing 16 turkeys is great. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and over the past year, my wife and I have come upon several Wild Turkeys. We even came upon a hen with her baby turkey flying up into a tree this summer. Fortunately, we had our camera with us and got some good video and pictures. We have posted them for anyone interested at: http://frametoframe.ca/photo-essay-wild-turkey-sightings-ontario

    Now last Friday, we finally got to see and photograph a Northern Saw-Whet Owl out in the bush, here in Ontario. This was the first time we had ever seen this bird. And we had only waited 50 years!! For those interested seeing our pictures, and video of this beautiful Owl, they are at:

    • SallyK says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Your owl photos are amazing, so wonderful the little guy was so cooperative in posing for so long! I’ll be passing along the link to this post, I know some of my friends will love the photos also. I’m still amazed by those turkeys and still see them every few days.

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