Son of Porch Toad

Another toad!  My mother went outside to sweep the dried leaves off the porch and found Son of Porch Toad on her deck.  This toad made himself a cozy bed in a re-purposed skillet.  Kind of ironic, eh?

Son of Porch Toad’s environment on the deck.

Son of Porch Toad’s corner of the deck is an interesting place.  In addition to his skillet, which held a flower pot prior to the threat of frost, there is a pie pan (also used for a flower pot), a watering can, a slice of a tree trunk, a bird’s nest and a dog dish.   It’s country after all.  The toads hang out here not only for the cover and bugs but for the water accumulated around the flowers.

Someone asked me how I knew that Porch Toad is a lady.  The truth is, I don’t.   According to research however, some differences are:

  • The female is larger than the male
  • Males generally have smoother skin and the warts on the female are more pronounced.
  • The throat of the male is dark

My mother also thinks that Porch Toad disappeared during the spring about mating season, maybe to lay her eggs in a nearby spring.  Son of Porch Toad is smaller and smoother, but could actually be Husband of Porch Toad or Daughter of Porch Toad!

Son, or Husband,  or Daughter of Porch Toad got ticked off because were were clomping around on the deck and flashing him with the camera.  He raised up, ready to jump so we left him alone.

Bye, bye Porch Toads, hope to see you both in the spring!


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2 Responses to Son of Porch Toad

  1. Sally, I love these! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Deb Platt says:

    What a fun post! I can’t believe that the toad nestled into the re-purposed frying pan. LOL. Great photos.

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