Porch Toad Returns!

Actually, Porch Toad never left.  I am the the one who returned.  I am at my mom and dad’s for a few days.  My mother and I came home after dark last night to find Porch Toad waiting for us.

Porch Toad is of course, Bufo americanus americanus, Eastern American Toad, found in all 88 Ohio counties.  Porch Toad looks like she is bulking up for winter.  There is plenty of habitat near the porch where a toad could dig in for a comfy winter.  Maybe even under the porch.

After being flashed by the camera too many times, Porch Toad turned her back and headed into the leaves around the porch.  Have a lovely winter sleep, Porch Toad!


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A little blog about the ordinary and not so ordinary things our family does, places we travel, things we see. Like travel, cooking, family stories, book reviews, music? You will find it all here - comments welcome!
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4 Responses to Porch Toad Returns!

  1. Reggie says:

    Gosh, that is a big fella! How do you know that it’s a lady?

  2. Great post! I love toads!

  3. Deb Platt says:

    Loved both your text and the toad photos.

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