Down on the beach

Most of the time when I walk on the beach this is my view:

Stones washed up on the beach

Why, you say, when right before me is this vista:

Headlands Dunes Lighthouse

I am a rock hound.  I come by it honestly.  My mother still hunts for rocks, fossils and Indian artifacts.  I spent  a whole summer as a child cracking open rocks, fascinated by the fact that no one had seen their insides before.  I have a collection of interesting finds and if I go on vacation and can’t go rock hunting I will buy one or two local minerals for my collection.

 I don’t share either – if I find it, it’s mine.  One time I was on a gravel bar on a creek behind Dana’s uncle’s house.  He said, “’I would think there would be a geode or two here but I’ve never found any.”  I looked down at my feet, picked up a round stone, turned over a pretty little geode and said “Like this?”  I kept it.

Mine isn’t a rare and valuable collection, just pieces I like.  On my most recent visit to Headlands Dunes Nature Preserve I found this beauty, purple quartzite.

While looking down you can see some things you might not be looking for.  Some nice, some not so nice

This baby duck had a hard time getting past the surf

Wavy quarried stone on the eastern breakwall. A trick of the light. The color is from the sunset shining through the tree next to it.


Unidentified beach plant

Crow in the surf at sunset

Things that stink – fish and socks

Weird and beautiful stuff washes up on every beach.   Keep looking down and soon you will have a collection of your own!

–Photos in this story taken June 15, 2012, at Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve, Mentor, Ohio, USA, on Lake Erie.


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