Craft Night with Andy – Gallery of Flowers

A few days ago Andy and I went to craft night at VGC*.    This gallery of wall-hanging flowers were made by adults with disabilities.  They were so creative!  They had some help with the execution but all had definite ideas about colors and design.  I think you will agree that they are amazing!  Click on any one for a larger photo.  Think you can guess which one is Andy’s?   

Thanks go to Kara and Jackie of the Rec Dept. for organizing this for the Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities and to all the volunteers for their help.

Want to try your hand at this craft?  I’m not sure where they got the flowers but check your local craft store.  They were about 12″ in diameter.  They first coated the bare metal with a base paint so the craft paint would stick.    The craftees used foam brushes and water-soluble craft paint.  While the paint was still wet, glitter of various colors was sprinkled on and then the paint was allowed to dry, about 10 minutes.  They were then sprayed with a finish to set the paint and glitter and allow them to be hung outside if desired.

*Vocational Guidance Center


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5 Responses to Craft Night with Andy – Gallery of Flowers

  1. Deb Platt says:

    What a creative bunch! It was fun seeing all the varieties of color schemes.

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Reggie says:

    Wow, what a fabulous idea! I also love that everyone used different colour combinations – so creative!

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