Baby Birdies

Baby birdies are hatching all over!  I found this baby Northern Cardinal hidden in the pine tree in front of my house.  Can you see it?

I found it because I heard a new bird sound in the tree.  While I cannot bird by ear, I do know what the usual birds in my yard sound like.  When I heard an unfamiliar “squeak” over my head I started searching for the source.  Here’s a photo of the nest – so well hidden!  I walk by this every day and never saw it.

I know it is a Northern Cardinal because pretty soon a male and female were twittering and flitting nervously over my head.   Here’s Dad, sitting on a line across the street.

When I got home after work I checked the tree to see if it was still there.  It was and I found it had a sibling!

This was such a special, fun sighting for our family.   It’s so rare to catch sight of baby birds because they are so well hidden.

The next day I looked for them again – I could hear them high up in the tree but two days later they were gone.  Next winter, when the Cardinals are a bright spot of color in our snowy landscape, I will wonder if they are our “babies.”

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird of Ohio and six other states.  You can read more fun facts about Northern Cardinals and hear their call at

Watch other baby birdies on the web on these sites:

Peregrine Falcons

Rhodes Tower, Columbus Ohio  due to hatch about May 3
Terminal Tower, Cleveland, Ohio just started to hatch April 19.   Not all successful
Bald Eagles
Decorah Iowa Eagles  these babies are getting their feathers.
Alcoa Davenport Wisconsin Eagle Cam big babies in this nest too
Great Blue Herons
Ithaca New York Cornell Lab  5 eggs, 3 chicks so far.  Click on the video highlights, nighttime view, for a view of a great horned owl attack on the nest!
Red Tailed Hawk
Ithaca New York Cornell Lab be sure to watch the video of the first hatchling, so cute!

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5 Responses to Baby Birdies

  1. I’d never seen a baby cardinal before. What luck that you were out to hear it and could then locate it. They sure do grow up to be beautiful!

  2. Reggie says:

    Yes – well-spotted, Sally! You are clearly attuned to the sounds around you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cardinal before – they sure are pretty.

  3. Empty Words says:

    I had the incredible luck of watching the entire process (nest building, eggs, hatchlings, and flying lessons) for three baby cardinals these past few weeks, because their mother had chosen the untrimmed shrub just outside my living room picture window to make her nest. What a blessing to be able to observe something so beautiful!

  4. Deb Platt says:

    Really enjoyed your photos and story about the cardinals. Just now I checked out the peregrine-falcon-nest cam in Columbus, and when I looked there were three eggs there and no adults. They were just there getting cold. Maybe something is wrong with them.

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