Heron Nesting means Spring!

It’s that time of year again, the Great Blue Herons have returned, built their nests and are laying eggs!  These elegant birds are one of my favorites, I get to see them daily during the summer as they fish the waters of a small pond near my house and the Chagrin River that I drive by on my way home from work.  Did you know they are territorial and return to the same spots to nest and feed every year?  I used to see a heron on the Chagrin River every day at the same time at the same spot.  One year the bridge over the river was re-routed, built right on the heron’s prime fishing spot!  Bet he was surprised when he returned after migration.   He probably said, WT_ ,  this wasn’t here last year!  I’m sure he found a new spot.

There are two large rookeries in the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest area and you can read about it and get directions here – Bath Road and Station Road Heronries.  They are both easily accessible but if you won’t have a chance to see them in person, you can watch a live nest cam from the Cornell Lab’s Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity.  This nest cam provides a true “bird’s eye view”of the nest!  There’s even sound.  Be sure to check out the videos for coverage of the egg laying.  Estimated hatch will be the last week of April.  Can’t wait to see it!


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3 Responses to Heron Nesting means Spring!

  1. Deb Platt says:

    Near Columbus, Ohio there are heronries in the Pickerington Ponds Metro Park. I went to see it for the first time last spring. It was fabulous seeing all the nests so close together. For anyone who’s not accustomed to bird watching, but who’d like to see a large group of herons living side by side in their tree community, I recommend bringing binoculars.

  2. makingcamp says:

    Hiked in that area last week. Another excuse to go back. Thanks for sharing this viewing tip.

  3. Deb Platt says:

    I was checking out an osprey platform the other day, and one of the ospreys drove out a heron who’s was trying to fish in the area. I seriously doubt the heron was a threat to the nest, so the osprey was probably thinking, “My fish! MINE!”

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