Another pelican sighting …

If you’re on the eastern edge of Ohio, you may see a pelican too.  A report today from Bob Lane:

This morning … I was able to locate and see an American White Pelican at Meander Reservoir, in the Trumbull county section of the reservoir, just north of the Mahoning County line. Meander Reservoir is part of The Mahoning Valley Sanitary District, and unfortunately there is no access to the public except bisecting roads. Earlier I met with the Resident Engineer at his office, the photos were taken by him, and he amazingly, had recorded in his daily reports first seeing the celebrity visitor on June 29th. The Pelican has been present ever since. He says it occasionally takes flight, but mostly stays in one area, normally not visible from any road. Cormorants tend to congregate around the Pelican. The Records Committee Checklist shows late June, and the months of July and August sightings to be very unusual. The Resident Engineer will keep me posted on when the Pelican departs. With Meander Reservoir having virtually no human activity on the water; Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and numerous successful nesting Double-crested Cormorants are present. The unusual inland Cormorant nestings located in the Mahoning County section, can be seen looking north from the long westbound Interstate 80 Bridge. The nests are on top of the old concrete bridge pier foundations running parallel with I-80. Bob Lane / Mahoning County    

This sighting is just two counties away from mine, near the Pennsylvania border. 

Map of Ohio, highlighting the location of Mahoning County

I’ve learned a lot about birds and where they live from other birders in my state.  If you are in Ohio, check out the The Ohio Ornithological Society’s web site, sign up for the email list and get news about what other birders are seeing, suggestions on places to watch birds and rare bird alerts.  Not in Ohio?  Click here for a list of other state/provinces birding web sites.

Double Crested Cormorant - photo from


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