I scream you scream we all scream for …..

Peach Pecan Ice Cream! 

My new toy:

Cuisinart ICE-21R Ice Cream Maker. Yeah, I got the red one, why not?

 A couple of weeks ago I faced the sad fact that summer is quickly coming to an end.  Hopefully we will have a long, warm fall but I thought it was time for a purchase I had been putting off for some time – an ice cream maker.  I think it was a case of “review indecision” but once I talked to everyone I knew and did a couple of days of research on the internet I concluded that this baby would be reliable and the 1-1/2 quart bowl would be the right size for our family, especially considering that my son did not inherit the ice cream gene.  Rarely will he eat ice cream of any flavor and if he does decide to it must be vanilla.   Can’t bribe him with most sweets in fact but give him a bag of pretzels or Funions and he’s in heaven.  

OK, back to the ice cream dilemma.   Hubby and I are both trying to cut back on calories and our stops to the local ice cream stand are not helping.  With our own ice cream maker we can control the contents.  It’s got to be better than multiple trips to one of our many gourmet ice cream stops and even FroYo.  Since we are in the midst of one of the best growing seasons ever up here I wanted to add fresh fruit.  The peaches in Northeastern Ohio have been amazingly juicy and sweet and I had just purchased 2 bags of perfectly ripe ones from my local farm stand.  You know the ones I’m talking about, you bite into them and the juice runs down your chin, mmmmm.    The yellow jackets were swarming around the stand, they were that good and ripe.

Time to make the ice cream!

 One of my go to sites for information on canning and preserving is Pick Your Own.Org.  When I searched for fat free and sugar free ice cream I was surprised to see a link and when I went there I wasn’t disappointed.  There was a simple base recipe for my type of ice cream maker with the frozen bowl.    I prepared the custard base and put it in the fridge overnight so it would be good and cold the next day.  My mixing bowl was already in the freezer ready to go.

 We made our ice cream the next day in the afternoon.  Andy had a picnic at noon and even though he would never eat the ice cream he wanted to see it made.  I toasted some pecans in the oven until fragrant, cooled them in the freezer then chopped them into largish pieces.  I peeled and chopped the peaches.   Everything being ready, we plugged in the machine and set it working.

Add the peaches before putting in the freezer bowl

 Yay!  It’s working. 

Peaches mixing


 Now if this is a purchase you have also been putting off, don’t delay.  If your ice cream maker is sitting in a closet or your garage gathering dust, get it out.  Summer’s almost over people, what are you waiting for??!!!  If you have an ice cream maker and you use it a lot, you know why I am a convert.  When it was done we put most of it into a container for the freezer and the rest went into bowls for immediate consumption, outside, under the trees!  Yum Yum! (Andy still would not try it, even though he thought making it was cool.)  This machine was easy to use, pretty quiet and easy to clean up.

Add the pecans near the end of the mixing time

 You may be a purist when it comes to making and eating ice cream.  You may love the full fat, full sugar variety.  You may think ice cream doesn’t taste the same unless you have to buy rock salt, break up ice and add your own sweat.  No matter, there’s a place for everyone at the ice cream table.  Just do it.  We were eating it while it was mixing, we just couldn’t wait.

 I highly recommend this recipe, however, if you want to lighten it up.  It is more along the ice milk path, but the addition of fresh peaches and pecans made it a real treat.  And aren’t fruits and nuts a healthy treat?  Of course they are!  No matter that they are enclosed in a frozen milk/cream bath.  This recipe is not strictly sugar free as I made it but low sugar.  Modify as needed to suit your dietary requirements.

 Click over to PickYourOwn.Org for complete instructions:    How to Make Homemade Fat-Free, Sugar-Free Gourmet Ice Cream, Any Flavor, Using a Gel-container Ice Cream Maker.

 I followed the recipe and instructions as is, using liquid egg whites and fat-free Half and Half – it worked perfectly.  I added 2 cups of peaches and ¾ cup of pecans, again toasting the pecans then chilling them before adding.  The quantity of custard was almost too much for my machine so next time I plan to split the custard mix and make two different flavors.  The custard will keep in the refrigerator for a couple of days so I could refreeze my bowl and make the second batch the next day.  Or get another bowl.

Yeah, get another bowl...

 Next time I will add chopped cocoa covered almonds and coconut flakes.  And the next time, peaches and ginger snap cookies, then dark chocolate chips and cherries, then pumpkin pie spiced for fall …..the possibilities are endless!  Frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato ….  

Note re: day 2 – heed the instructions in the recipe and let it sit for 15 minutes before serving.  Otherwise 1)  you will break your scoop IF you can even get it in 2) the resulting brain freeze from eating the too cold product is painful!

I would love to hear your favorite ice cream flavor – please comment!  And if you have a tried and true recipe feel free to share.


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