The Natural Lawn

When we first moved to the ‘burbs we had a beautiful manicured lawn.  The people who lived here before us obviously took great care to treat the lawn with chemicals to kill dandelions and other broadleaf “weeds”.   We didn’t for the first couple of years.  But then the treatments must have worn off because those yellow flowers starting showing up and we felt compelled to join our neighbors in the spring ritual of treating our lawns.    There were no dandelions but there were also no violets or clover.  No bees.  And then the toads disappeared.  Before treating we had a healthy population of them around our house and garden, busily doing their job to reduce the bug population.  That’s when I said enough, no more treatment.  Let the neighbors give us the evil eye. 

This toad is crossing my patio from his shady patch under a rhododendron to another shady patch with water under my garden hose.

Now we have what I call a “natural” lawn.  We keep it mowed of course, but we have a healthy crop of clover and a rabbit has moved in.    The toads have returned.  We have birds eating worms, we have lightning bugs and butterflies and bees.     Our lawn is naturally fertilized by grass clippings and mulched fall leaves.  The clover is filling in some bare spots where I haven’t been able to get grass to grow.  I can’t wait for the clover to fill in even more.  Did you ever walk barefoot across a clover lawn?  It’s like walking on silk it’s so soft.  Violets have always been one of my favorite flowers.   They were the first bouquets my sister and I picked for our mom.

He’s fat because he has a crop of clover in our yard all to himself!

Yes we have dandelions and crabgrass.  But it’s all green.  When I look at my lawn I feel happy.  And I know the critters that live there are too.


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2 Responses to The Natural Lawn

  1. Reggie says:

    Well done, Sally! I LOVE your natural lawn. We also don’t use any pesticides or herbicides on our ‘lawn’, and I don’t care if it doesn’t look as perfectly manicured as roll-on lawn – I’d much prefer a healthy meadow that is a sanctuary for birds and bees and all manner of critters. I don’t want to add to the chemical pollution of our underground water or our earth.

  2. Hi Sally K. Last year, you came to visit me when I was Freshly Pressed and a newbie to WP. I decided to go back and see how everyone is doing. I love this post. When I think of all the chemical trucks that zoom in and out of my neighborhood, I get a little freaked out. Yes, they put up their little toxic signs warning people they have been there and to stay off, etc… but it’s not like the chemicals know where the borderlands are. I think about that stuff too.

    Thankfully, my husband loves to garden. And people joke that I married my landscaper. 😉 We have frogs and rabbits and sometimes deer, too – but in our old house we had pheasant and fox and wild turkeys! I have to assume the big school in my backyard is more of a deterrent than anything we are doing!

    Be well and enjoy your summer! 😉

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