Hidden in Plain Sight

I live in a residential neighborhood, locally known as French Hollow, in a city of approximately 50,000 people.    Our houses were built in the 1960s, replacing orchard and nursery land.  The developers left lots of big trees and someone who came to visit me one time said it looks like I live in a metro park.  The building lots are slightly less than 1/4 acre yet we have an abundance of wildlife.  I’ve uncovered or spotted lots of hidden gems in my back yard – toads, snakes, Cooper’s and Red Tailed Hawks, hummingbirds, lots of song birds.  Herds of deer, up to 12 at a time, wander through our yard between stands of forest and the golf course across the street.  But nothing has come close to what I found tonight in my garden:

Bambi hidden in my messy garden

Here’s a view from a little further away:

Find the hidden baby!

Now this little guy looks like he is in plain sight, but from ground level I could barely see him because of the depression of the garden.  Monday I had carried all my lawn chairs out to the yard to clean and left them there to dry.  This evening I went out to carry them back to my patio and was just about done when I started scanning the yard for a rabbit that has been hanging around for the last few weeks.  I know I walked within 4 feet of this cutie before I spotted him.  His mommy obviously gave him a good talking to about laying low and not moving until she came back.  She probably chose our yard because we do not have a dog.   We do have neighbors with dogs but they all have invisible fences.  Last Thursday Dana saw a doe with what he thought was a newborn at the back of the lot.  We’re pretty sure this is the same one.

Despite the fact that we complain about the deer constantly in this town, how there are too many, how they eat all our flowers, seeing this little guy was a real treat.  

And the rabbit?  Didn’t see him tonight but he likes my messy garden too!

Find the bunny - he likes to hide under the peonies


Update:   Two days later Bambi’s relatives came back and ate the tops out of all my hostas!  Sigh……


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5 Responses to Hidden in Plain Sight

  1. Reggie says:

    Ahhh, beautiful! We don’t have such deer in Cape Town (or in South Africa, I believe) – he looks exactly like Bambi! How lovely that they chose your garden as a safe haven, Sally.

    • SallyK says:

      The weather here has been so wet and cold my garden has suffered but I guess it’s good for the wildlife! His mommy came back for him before 10:30pm when we sneaked out to check.

  2. carol curren says:

    isn’t it funny how things change? you look at him and see Bambi, I see a giant goat that will make a great chili this winter. we’ve traded places sally, now I’m the country girl and you’re the city slicker. Or no, that was the Coburns who called me the city slicker. Yeah the one with the cape-cod and golden retriever in Delaware. Yes, I love to see them too, at a good distance in John’s field far away from my apple trees. 🙂

    • SallyK says:

      When it grows up I will be the first to chase it out of my yard! I have given up on any flowers other than those deer usually don’t eat. Lack of predators have allowed deer to over populate urban areas. I would like to see a regular “cull” in our town with the meat being given to the local homeless shelter. We could probably wipe out hunger in Lake County if we culled the deer and the Canada geese!

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