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Maple Inspired Art

Stained Glass Maple Leaf Panel

The return of sunshine prompted Dana and I to finally get out of the house on the weekend.  We’ve pretty much been hibernating on weekends since New Year’s (except for our exciting day at Alpine Valley with Andy).  I read an article in our local paper about an art exhibit at the West Woods Nature Center in the Geauga County Park District using maple wood, old sap buckets and other maple inspired art.

Geauga County maple industry memoribilia

Maybe you didn’t know that maple sugaring was and is a big business in Ohio.  The Ohio Maple Producers Association web site says that Ohio ranks 4th – 5th each year among the 12 maple product producing states in the U.S.   I didn’t know much about maple sugaring until I moved to Northeast Ohio where there are several late winter sugaring events every year.  You can tour “sugar bushes” and watch syrup being boiled down into a luscious elixer which, once you’ve tasted it, makes you reluctant to pick up Log Cabin ever again.

Decorated maple sugar buckets and some fabric bags



Decorated Buckets

These old buckets were found in storage by a park district employee and given to artists and schools to decorate or use any way they chose.

Tap Hole Whale

This whale was made from a maple board bearing the holes made by the tapping spiles, stainless steel spouts that direct the stream of maple sap into a bucket.

Quilted mixed media tapestry and painted buckets

This beautiful tapestry spanned the entire back wall of the display room.

Wood Fellow, carved detail on maple walking stick

Mixed media art piece

Dryad, metal from a bucket forms the skirt

Dryads are tree nymphs in Greek mythology.  You may remember them from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Mixed media leaf with large moth lady on the front

Luna moths decorate the back

Mixed media leaf back with luna moths

Maple wood carving with Cardinal


Maple Wood Leaf Bowl

The nature center itself is a work of art, all stone and wood, with a beautiful fireplace.
Opposite the fireplace was a viewing window that looked out on several large bird feeders.  Many birds were flocking about and we could also hear them singing inside thanks to the outside microphone.  It was a cheery sight on a cold snowy day.

Some busy birds!

A happy woodpecker at a suet feeder

This free exhibit runs until March 31, 2011.   If you go:

West Woods Nature Center-Geauga Park District
9465 Kinsman Road
Novelty, OH 44072
(440) 286-9516



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