Life’s a Beach

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it really was?   At least the beach as it was tonight, warm water, gentle breeze, happy families.

This afternoon Dana, Andy and I headed up to Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park on Lake Erie.  Andy had a jet ski activity and it was such a nice,  hot day we decided after the activity we would stay and swim.  And people watch.

Andy had big fun with his friends being towed around the lake on a big tube pulled by a park volunteer on a jet ski.  While he was out we watched the dogs and their owners playing in the water in the adjacent dog beach.  One guy had a really pretty black lab who loved the water!    He had a floating dog toy that he threw out and the dog retrieved.  Well, duh, Labrador Retreiver?  The doggy was in his element!

Some people rented kayaks and headed out toward the breakwall.  There was a kayaking class and a sailing class, though it wasn’t the best night for the sailors.  Not much of a breeze.  There was some excitement in the kayak class when one overturned.  Not sure how that happened.  They all worked together and finally go it righted as the paddler floated nearby.

Andy practiced his “jump and dive” technique, splashing both of us and also diving under water to grab our ankles.  We waited for the big boats to go by so we could ride on the waves.  Andy told us there were no sharks in the lake and also no pirates.   Whew, glad to hear that about the sharks!  Pirates might have been fun though….

Oops!  There’s a naked toddler being dunked in the waters edge by his mother.  Hmmmm, not something you see everyday.   The family of four appeared to be Hispanic, maybe part of the large summer workforce in Lake County.  The beach patrol noticed and had a talk with Dad, it seems Mom does not speak English.  Sorry little guy, your nude bathing days are over.   This beach is not clothing optional, even for toddlers.   Mom and baby disappear and reappear with the little guy in shorts.  The beach patrol moves on.

Lots of large families here and groups of teenagers.  The parking fee for Lake County residents is a very reasonable $2 per day and $5 for out of county visitors.  It’s a nice family beach.  Fairly shallow swimming area with a sandy bottom in most areas.  Restrooms on both ends of the beach.  A picnic shelter and a concession stand.  Some charcoal grills.  Several picnic tables and benches along the back of the beach.  A big playground.  Lifeguards from 10 am to 8 pm.  But you can stay until 1/2 hour after sunset.

I forgot how much fun the beach is!  Can we go again tomorrow?


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2 Responses to Life’s a Beach

  1. What fun! I have never been to the Great Lakes. Thanks for giving me a peek. You have taken excellent photographs! I am hoping to visit Lake Erie and maybe the other Great Lakes one day. I moved to Tennessee from CA a year ago.

  2. Christina Cronk says:

    Your posts make me miss living in Pennsylvania. We moved to Florida back in 1993. The winters here are wonderful (no more shoveling or laying salt) but the summers are brutal. I would trade if I could.

    I especially love your last photograph- beach through grass. So beautiful!

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