Music Therapy Camp – fun, fun fun!

I am reposting this because we need your help!  This project is currently in 34th place – it needs to be in the top 10 by July 31 to be funded. Please vote daily.  Re-blog, post to your Facebook, anything you can do to help get votes will be appreciated!


Empower teens with special needs through a free music therapy camp! Vote here!

Pepsi is giving away millions to fund great ideas through their “Pepsi Refresh Project.”

Some of you have read stories about my  son, Andy.

Ready to rock!

He’s a great guy who was born with Down syndrome.  We have been so lucky to have lots of resources available to aid in his development.  In the last few years, one of those resources has been music therapy.  Andy’s participation in group music activities has increased his communication skills and confidence.  Now, if you help, we can get him into a summer music therapy camp!

Bonnie Hayhurst, MT-BC,  has been his therapist for some of these classes.  Bonnie is trying to get a FREE music therapy camp funded through Pepsi Refresh.   The goals for this camp are:

  • To build teamwork and communication by making music as a band
  • To create opportunities for leadership through movement to music
  • To encourage relating to others through musical drama with puppets

Sounds like fun, huh!  Read on, as Bonnie states on Pepsi Refresh:

The “Music Therapy Camp” project is jam packed with the power of music combined with dance and puppetry to inspire, motivate, and communicate the message that music can empower teens with special needs to reach their highest potential!  Campers will work as a team to create music as a band by choosing a band name, songs and a practice schedule.  Whether its playing a steady beat on drums, rocking out some riffs on guitar or keyboard or belting out a tune with microphone, campers will have fun expressing themselves through music. Dance and movement experiences will not only strengthen campers’ fine and gross motor skills but leadership skills as they take turns leading the group in a dance of their choice! Campers will also learn the importance of relating to others through the use of puppets.  Each camper will become a puppeteer in a musical play that will be performed for a live audience the last day of the camp!

Frankly, I would like to be in that audience!

Click on the red title above or here to vote, then bookmark the site to vote daily.  If you have multiple email addresses you may vote daily from each.  Please forward this to anyone else you know who might vote too.  Re-blog it, put a link on your Facebook page.  Andy and I thank you in advance!

Following are  a couple of photos of Andy in music activies with Bonnie:

Singing with Bonnie on guitar

Andy on drums, group music therapy class

Side Note:   Bonnie is married to Dirk Hayhurst, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays!


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