Why I don’t want a dog

OK animal lovers, don’t stone me.  I’m not going to talk about why you shouldn’t have a dog, just about why I don’t want one.

Oh so cute, in somebody else's house

Have you heard the ads on the radio for “DinOvite“, a vitamin supplement for dogs?    These commercials are made up of  people graphically describing their dogs’ ailments – digging “gunk” out their ears, shedding fur, constant scratching, bad gas, incredible “stink” and on and on until my lunch is ready to come back up.    If I wasn’t convinced before that I do not want to enter into the world of  dog care, this commercial would seal it.

Oh, I’ve already heard some of these stories from friends and family who have dogs as companions.  It’s a dedicated person who can devote their lives to this kind of care.  Early morning bathroom runs, late night bathroom runs, vet bills, shoes destroyed, walls destroyed.   And if you want to compare raising a child to caring for a pet?  Eventually a child will go to the bathroom by themselves! You’ll never get to stop picking up dog poop.  Unless you have a woods…

One of our "outside" dogs, circa 1958

I’ve had pets in my life.  Growing up our dogs and cats were outside animals for the most part.  They left their hair outside and their poop in the woods.  Animals visited the inside but lived outside.  We did have one inside dog in my late teenage years, but I was not her primary care giver.  

This good dog came between me and the pig, circa 1960

In my adult life I’ve only had low maintenance pets.  Some fish.  A rabbit with epilepsy that the vet guilted us into spending way too much money in medication on because it was our son’s pet.  (We could have purchased 10 “Leaper’s” for what we spent on one and our son would never have known the difference.)  Also a parakeet and a parrot.  Even the parrot proved to be too much work, we sold him.

I love to look at your beautiful animal, even pet it if  it doesn’t stink (if  it does maybe you need DinOvite!) and let my son pet it if you give the OK.  But then you can take it home with you.  And I’m definitely headed the other way if it’s a jumper.

If you use “DinOVite” I sincerely hope it helps your pet as some of these syptoms sound horrible.  As for me and the  DinOvite commercials – I guess I’ll be turning to a commercial free station during lunch!

Still cute, still not going home with us!



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4 Responses to Why I don’t want a dog

  1. Jenny says:

    That is what mutts are for, they don’t have gross medical problems and need that Dinovite. Okay, so Dyva developed dog acne and needed antibiotics…but other than that…..okay so the fence needed repairing……and the dog run needs fixed….and yeah I did have to replace a pair of sandels…and Thursday is our weekly poop pick up day…but other than that……Dyva’s been relatively easy! LOLOLOL……I forgot you have Leaper. May he rest in Peace! Some day, a little creature will cross your path….and I don’t mean the chipmunks either! LOL


  2. I love dogs and we’ve had our mutt, Samantha, for 15 years now. For most of those years she was wonderful and pretty low maintenance.

    Like people, the maintenance is greatest at infancy and old age and that is true of Sam.

    We also have 8 cats, all dumped off at the foot of our driveway.

    When Sam passes we’ll probably not get another dog. Regarding the cats…I’m looking for a coyote to rent for as long as it takes!

  3. Ray says:

    I thought about this for awhile. Some people are just not meant to have pets. Think about the commitment before you take on the responsibility.

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