Baby birdies

It’s that time of the year!   The babies have hatched, some are even ready to take wing…

Orchard Orioles - May 31, 2010

 I took this photo in my parent’s back yard in Southern Ohio.   Orchard Orioles had graciously built their nest in a low-hanging branch of a pine tree.  We had a lot of fun watching the adults bringing juicy caterpillars and worms back to their babies.  The parents were hard to photograph, they flit from branch to branch then fly into the nest from the back side of the tree.   The babies look so cozy in their comfy nest.

Canada Geese - June 5, 2010

 These Canada Goose families were lazily swimming in Paint Creek Lake in Southern Ohio.  Such a large hatch!  Must have been well hidden from predators.

Great Blue Herons - June 2, 2010

 You can see these Great Blue Herons in the rookery off  Bath Road in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  These “babies” are so big they look like they are just about to fall off the nest!  Maybe that’s how they learn to fly.  They were still waiting for mom and dad to feed them, just like teenagers everywhere.  There are hundreds in the trees there from February to July.

Swoop and Spirit - June 1, 2010

Newly named Peregrine Falcons, Swoop and Spirit,  in the nest on the Rhodes Tower in Columbus, Ohio.  Only 2 this year – 2 of the eggs never hatched.  Banding is tomorrow and you can watch it live.  They make a very big racket and the officials from ODNR use umbrellas to fend off the parents while they take the babies inside.  Think they come back out saying, “We were abducted by aliens and they put these bracelets on us!”


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