Thank you for being nice

Dana and I had a morning full of meetings Wednesday, with agencies who wish to provide Waiver services for Andy (see this post ).  When the meetings were over at 11:15, our brains were burned out and we were starving so we headed to Bob Evans for brunch.

Our waitress was a very friendly older lady, curly gray hair, medium height, petite frame.  I felt a twinge of something – guilt, pity?  – that this grandmotherly lady was working the lunch shift at Bob Evans instead of traveling the world or playing with her grandkids.   Really, what do I know, it could be a life choice.  Or it may be survival.

Both of us were in the mood for breakfast.  I ordered their Sunrise Breakfast.  Dana had the Border Scramble Omelet.  The waitress was prompt with our drinks.  A few minutes later she told us our breakfasts would be right up but that we would both be short one biscuit because they were still cooking.  We said no problem.  I briefly thought, I should only eat one biscuit anyway, but hey, it had been a rough morning and these are Bob Evans biscuits!

Soon she returned with our food, including one biscuit apiece, and tells us it will be 12 minutes for our second biscuit.  She asked, Would we like some toast or banana bread instead, but we again said it was no problem, just bring them out when ready.  Then she said something about why woud the kitchen only cook half a pan of biscuits but nobody listens to her anyway.  She said it with a smile.

We ate our breakfasts and a little more than 12 minutes later our second biscuit arrives, piping hot from the oven, fluffy, delicious!  Then she says “Thank you for being nice!”   How bad has your day been when you thank your customer for being nice?

Today, you can make somebody’s day.  Just be …


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