The Fleas are back!

Willoughby Eco Fair

Oh no not those pesky creatures, the Flea Markets!  After being shut up all winter, longing for the sun and long leisurely days to poke through other people’s stuff, the first flea market of the season was held today in the parking lot of the city building in beautiful downtown Willoughby, Ohio.    OK, the sun didn’t cooperate all day, even gave way to rain at times, but it didn’t stop the crowds of people who couldn’t wait to see what their friends and neighbors were getting rid of.  And we weren’t disappointed! 

Willoughby calls their market an “Eco Fair”, which basically means these items were being recycled into someone elses house, garden or garage instead going to the landfill.   This was a day for practical fare, not many antiques or Ebay rejects in evidence.  Lots of housewares, decorative items and garden tools.

We got out just ahead of the rain and headed for an indoor market at the Mentor Senior Center. 

Mentor Senior Center Flea Market

This market was full of higher priced items from antiques to glassware to jewelry.  Crafts were also for sale as were baked goods.  It was especially crowded because of the inclement weather.

But we weren’t done yet! 

Mentor UMC Rummage Sale

 The Mentor United Methodist Church was having a rummage sale and even though it was 11 am already we decided to see what might be left.  This was a rummage sale in the truest sense of the word, with clothing piled on tables in the middle of the multi-purpose room.  There was also lots of glassware, small appliances and computer parts in that room.  Other rooms held furniture, toys, sports equipment and books.  This event was very well organized with church member volunteers totalling up sales in each area.

So you say, what did you buy? 

My "finds"

At the Willoughby Eco Fair, I found this really nice picnic basket, kid of retro with a lovely cotton green and white striped lining, 4 plates and a picnic quilt for ………… drumroll……………. $2!  I am a sucker for baskets of all kinds and this one just had character.    I also spotted a 3 tier metal plant stand at a booth, a woman had her hand on it and I thought she had already purchased it, but then she moved away.  I moved right in and asked the owner if it was still for sale, the answer yes.  The other woman had been around twice looking at it, but I snagged it right away!  Marked $10, I got it for $8.  It will look great on my patio.

At the Senior Center nothing called my name, but at the Church rummage sale I found a framed montage of wild flowers of the Rocky Mountains for…… 50 cents.  

Rocky Mountain Wildflowers - not a great photo

Just a little something that will go well with some prints of the mountains by David Wright that are hanging in a room at our house.  The woman who took my money was almost speechless that she hadn’t seen it first – she said she was a biologist and thought it was a very good wildflower study.  Dig through every box is my motto.

So, fun for the day and 3 good walks.  Next week:  the Willoughby Farmers Market opens.  I will be looking for rhubarb!

See what else I saw at the markets in this slideshow.  Enjoy!

Note:  My bloghost does not have a way to exclude photos already inserted so you will see photos from above in the slideshow also.

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3 Responses to The Fleas are back!

  1. Reggie says:

    Oooh, I would’ve bought that white picnic basket too! It looks so quaint, I’d love that. 🙂

  2. wine bags says:

    I love flea markets. I love the picnic basket. It’s just so lovely. Can’t wait to see a new flea market. Thanks for sharing.

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