Eagle Watch Update


There is something new at the eagles nest on Mentor Marsh.

Hmmmm, who put THAT up?

This sign went up a few days ago.  Of course when we were there a couple of days ago there were 5 cars parked and observors looking through binoculars or cameras at the eagles and the nest.  The sign is strategically placed at one of the clearest viewing areas of the nest.  This morning we went by about 9 am and a Grand River police car was parked there, nobody else.  We came back by about noon and no police or state cars were there, but 3 cars were parked observing.  Personally, I think having no parking is potentially a greater hazard because people WILL slow down for a look  – it would be safer if they pulled over and parked.

Anyway, I was able to get one fuzzy photo with my digital:

I was told earlier by a photogapher that one of the eagles had a dark spot on the back of his head, possibly indicating he/she is young – I believe this is the mark he was talking about.  My research indicates that it takes 5 years for immature eagles to attain full adult plumage.  There was a large bird in the air when we stopped, and I think it was the osprey again, based on the marking underneath the body and wings.  We also saw an eagle sitting on the nest.

You may have seen this sign in some of my other photos:

Lake Erie Coast Trail

You can read about the Lake Erie Coastal Trail Ohio here.   This is a scenic byway that runs from Conneaut, Ohio (kaw-nee-ot) to Toledo, Ohio.   I’ve traveled the whole route (though not in one trip) – there are lots of great sights in every region.  Lighthouses, beaches, museums, parks, historical sites, really good restaurants.   Oh, and an eagles nest!

Fellow Eagle Watchers in Northeast Ohio:  Have you seen “No Parking” enforcement in this area?


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2 Responses to Eagle Watch Update

  1. Reggie says:

    What a pity about the new ‘no parking’ sign. I wonder who decided that it was necessary?

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