People watching while eagle watching at Mentor Marsh

Late this afternoon we went up to Mentor Marsh to see if we could see the eagles again.  Dana had just received an adapter that allowed him to attach his 35mm camera to his Celestron telescope and he wanted to try it out.

Nikon N60 attached to Celestron C-6 Telescope

He could focus in really close on the nest.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much to photograph today.  The eagle on the nest was pretty much hunkered down,  a couple of times it moved a little but was not easy to see as the nest is between 2 large branches.  The other eagle was sitting in a nearby tree when we arrived but a Cooper’s hawk an osprey started to harass it and it flew off.   (After researching markings and size, I realized it was too large for a Cooper’s.)  About an hour later it returned with a large fish, but was now being harassed by an American kestrel and it flew away from the nest.  It did not return in the next half hour so we went home since the sun was setting and there was not enough light for photography through the Celestron.

So, what do you do while waiting for the birds?  You pass the time talking to other people waiting for the birds.  It was a very interesting group tonight.  Here are some photos of our fellow birders:

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3 Responses to People watching while eagle watching at Mentor Marsh

  1. Reggie says:

    This is so cool, Sally. Dana has suuuch an awesome setup!! I love how passers-by stop to find out what everyone looking at, and how people even make t-shirts to sell (pity about needing a permit!) as a memento of their visit. And I’m really glad that the police isn’t chasing everyone off this time. I look forward to hearing more about the eagles. – Oh, and the slideshow thing is great! I saw recently that WordPress had created a widget (or something) for it, and I thought of giving it a try too.

    • SallyK says:

      Thanks Reggie! We learned long ago if you see a car pulled over and someone is staring into the distance with binoculars stop and check it out – got to see a grizzly bear in Yellowstone Park that way.

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