Starbucks, I’m moving on …..


Starbucks, I really tried to love you again.  Once you made me feel so special, making my tea just the way I liked it.  But you almost lost me a couple of years ago.  Before your “re-training” exercise in February of 2008 I was about to leave you forever.   Your product was inconsistent, your baristas surly and slow.   One day my chai tea would be perfect, another day so weak it had no kick.  One barista did not even know HOW to make it.  One barista looked at me blankly “Chai”?    One day you just made hot chocolate instead.  However, back then you had no rival.

Now there’s a new player in my town.  Speedway started carrying Lipton Chai Spice Tea.  Now I am the master of my own carryout tea formula.   A 20 oz. cup, 2 tea bags, a couple of Carribean Creme creamers, some Splenda, water so hot if you want to drink it right away you put some ice in it.    One minute to make, tops.   It has a great flavor.   No waiting, no explaining.   No tapping of feet while the barista talks for 10 minutes to her friend in front of me in line (who she is probably giving free drinks to!).  The Speedway clerk is friendly and wishes me a nice day, every day.  I get points I can use to feed my I-Tunes addiction!

Today was almost the last straw.   I had to tell the clerk twice what I wanted because she was too busy with her friend.  (The only other person in the place.) Took forever to make while the barista did some housekeeping chores.  The chai was weak and tepid (that’s lukewarm, barista).  No “Thank You” or “Have a Nice Day” either.  I have $ 4.50 left on my Christmas Starbucks gift card and then I’m done.

I’m sorry to break this to you right before Valentine’s Day but I can’t waste my time or money with you any more.


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