Memories of Vancouver, Part 2 – Whistler

The Road to Whistler

Village of Whistler

I love the mountains,  any mountains, so during my birthday visit to Vancouver, BC, I wanted to drive up into the mountains and see the Village of  Whistler.  We headed out of Vancouver to the Sea to Sky Highway.  The drive was full of pleasant surprises but one of the disappointments was the lack of pull-outs where we could park and take photos.  Also, the route was already under construction in 2006 in anticipation of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  It was a route that needed work to handle the number of vehicles for an event that big. 

The Road

Howe Sound

The weather was misty and alternated between spitting rain and peeks of sun.     We could not see the tops of the mountains we were heading into.  Traffic was light once we were out of the city.  We stopped in the town of Squamish at the Howe Sound Brewing Company for a delicious lunch and a great view of the sound. 

Great place to eat!

One of the most interesting sights along the was was The Stawamus Chief, the second largest freestanding piece of granite in the world.  It  has made Squamish one of the top rock climbing destinations in North America.  No climbers the day we were there, the weather was just too bad.

The Stawamus Chief

I can’t leave out our stop at the BC Mining Museum!    In 1888, one of the largest deposits of copper in the world was discovered here.  We discovered one of  the biggest trucks we had ever seen parked outside.

BC Mining Museum and a BIG Truck

There were lots of small surprises along the way.

Map of the area

Creative Wood Bench

We didn’t spend much time in Whistler, there was not much going on and we spent so much time going up we were anxious to get down before it got too late.  It was a pretty place to be in the fall, the rain and mist and it’s European-style buildings made us feel like we were in the Alps.

Whistler Shops

 On the way down we stopped along the Squamish River to see if any eagles were there yet.  We did see a pair of eagles, but we were too early for the thousands that gather from November to March to feast on the eggs and carcasses of the spawned-out salmon.  That must be a sight to see!

Mountains in the Clouds

Check back in a few days for Part 3, Vancouver Island and Nanaimo! 

** All photos by Dana and Sally Kennedy


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