Vancouver Memories – Part 1, Vancouver City


In October of 2006 my husband and I took a trip to Vancouver for my 50th birthday.  It was a truly wonderful trip, 1st class flight both ways thanks to frequent flier miles, lovely hotel in town, delicious food, breathtaking scenery, friendly people.  Construction was already underway for this year’s Olympic games in the city and on the road to Whistler.  I thought I would share some of our photos with you in anticipation of the upcoming games.  Most of these photos are mine but some are Dana’s.  This will be a three part post – City of Vancouver, Road to Whistler, and Vancouver Island.

Today:  Part 1 – Vancouver City

Staying in the the city was a great experience.  My two regrets about this trip are that 1) it was not long enough, only 4 days in and around Vancouver, and 2) that I did not take more ground level city photos.  There were coffee shops on every corner and sometimes in the middle of the block too.  There was a tapas bar next to the hotel.  We ate at a small cafe around the corner for breakfast one day.  Cute shops and a club were on the street behind the hotel.

Holiday Inn, Howe Street

View from hotel window

Interesting architecture

Hudson's Bay Company store

Aqua Riva

I had a fantastic birthday dinner at this Water Front Restaurant, Aqua Riva.  I remember Dana had salmon which he said was delicious.  I don’t remember my entree but I do remember I had a yummy chocolate cake for dessert.  Hey, it WAS my birthday!
We took in the sights from the Vancouver Lookout by day and by night.

Holy Rosary Cathedral



Sun Tower


BP Place, on the right


Night view of the Harbor

Night view of the city


We spent part of a day in Stanley Park.

Totem Poles

Park Flora

Bike Path

The Lookout Tower and city skyline from Stanley Park

Prospect Point Historical Marker

View from Prospect Point


Harding Monument

Trivial Fact:  Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States (from Ohio by the way) was the first U.S. President to visit Canada while in office.   This monument was raised in honor of the friendship between Canada and the United Stated.
The Hollow Tree


This famous landmark, The Hollow Tree, was damaged in a storm in 2008 and going to be cut down, but Save the Hollow Tree convinced the city to save it and now it is propped up with poles and cables.  This link has an interesting history and story of the saving of the tree.

Stay tuned (subscribe already!):  My next post will have photos of our trip into the mountains, destination: Whistler.


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