Groundhog Day by Buckeye Chuck

Chuck was pretty much right on for that year – and shadow or not we will have 2 more months of crummy weather!  What might Chuck predict for this year?   Tiger will play golf again, his girlfriends will get book deals and the Cleveland Browns will get their butts kicked?


MARION, Ohio — The handlers of Ohio’s official groundhog, Buckeye Chuck, said the groundhog failed to see his shadow on Tuesday morning.

According to legend, if a groundhog fails to see its shadow, spring will arrive early.

Chuck made his prediction amid overcast skies and spitting snow.

I think Chuck’s overly optimistic this year !

Chuck has his own entry on the Ohio History Central web site which states:

Buckeye Chuck is one of two groundhogs in Ohio known for predicting the arrival of spring. A native of Marion, Ohio, Chuck began predicting the arrival of Spring in the 1970s.

From late September until early April, Buckeye Chuck spends his time hibernating. On February 2, against his will, Chuck emerges from his sleep to predict the weather. In 1979, the Ohio legislature made Buckeye Chuck Ohio’s official groundhog.

Using groundhogs to predict the weather came from Germany. A long-held German tradition states that if a hibernating animal sees its shadow on February 2, six more weeks of winter will occur. In the United States, this tradition evolved into Ground Hog Day. Generally, wild groundhogs live to only two years of age while domesticated ones commonly live to ten years of age. While groundhogs rarely live more than a decade, some people contend that Buckeye Chuck is the same groundhog that has predicted the weather for almost thirty years.

Here’s a photo of Chuck, he does look pretty gray:

Before we leave this little critter, here’s a groundhog song you can have stuck in your head allllll daaaaay:

Tune to: (I’m a little Teapot) 

I’m a little groundhog round and plump 
Here is my shadow here is my rump 
Oh I’m a little groundhog short and plump 
I see my shadow I see my rump.

(I found this on a teacher activity web site so if your kid come’s home singing it you can blame the world wide web! LOL)

Happy Groundhog Day!


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