Snow Photos – Vintage Variety

My mother and me

Back in the day, kids, we used to have snow in the winter….  Wait, I don’t think we’re ready to start saying that yet, however this year in Ohio our snowfall has been way below average.    Here in Northeast Ohio it’s REALLY below average.  I may be tempting fate with that last sentence. 

Since I haven’t been able to take many current year snow photos, I decided to share with you some of our family photos of winters past.  These photos are from the late 50’s to very early 60’s.  All photos were taken on our farm in Southern Ohio.  My parents and brother still live there today.

My sister and me

We didn’t let a little snow keep us housebound!  Sometimes we had to ride the tractor to the end of  our lane to get the mail when the snow drifts blocked us in.

My mother, my sister and me

We had a farm pond that gave us lots of entertainment in every season.  Some years we would have very cold weather with no snow, perfect for ice skating.

Other years, the pond would be covered with snow.  My father made a wooden “plow” and us kids would sit on it while he pulled it around the pond to make a path for skating.

If the pond froze while the water level was low, we had a great place to sled down onto the ice.  We had contests to see who would slide the farthest.  See the little dog in the lower right?  When my sister reads this post she will add the dog’s name in the comments – my memory is so bad!  See the stakes in the ice?  I believe those marked ice fishing holes.

NOTE:  While my sister has declined so far to comment on my blog, she did tell me that she thinks the dog’s name was Frisky.

My father always very carefully checked the thickness of the ice and none of us ever fell through.   We had a lot of fun in the snow back then!


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2 Responses to Snow Photos – Vintage Variety

  1. These photos remind me so much of being a kid in Greenfield and skating on Paint Creek when it froze over. We used to have some great hockey games at the Mill Dam using bent hickory sprouts as clubs and a can of tuna as a puck. The goalies used scoop shovels to block the goal.

    We also did a lot of sled riding on Wiseman’s hill near the Catholic cemetery when there was enough snow. Favorite toy there was a hood off an old car that we used as a sled.

    In the 70s my Janet and I, with our children, did the same kinds of things. Since then the winters have been warmer and as we’ve aged the cold has lost its charm.

  2. Kathy says:

    I just saw your comment over on Reggie’s South Africa blog and wanted to check out yours. What great snow pics! Bet that brought back lots of memories for you.

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