We introduce Andy to Elvis – with mixed results

We look for the “King” at the Rock Hall

Ready to rock!

Andy went shopping with his Grandma while he was staying with her between Christmas and New Year’s and he came home with an Elvis Presley CD – Elvis: 30 #1 Hits.  Dana and I thought this was a good thing because he would like the songs, but we didn’t think he really knew who “Elvis” was (or is, depending on where you stand on the the whole “Elvis lives” thing).

Looks like a cube of ice!

So we jumped at the opportunity to take Andy to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sunday, on a day with reduced admission and activities sponsored by the Up Side of Downs, the Down syndrome association 0f Greater Cleveland.  Andy got in free, Dana and I got tickets for only $5 each.  Andy got to attend a special educational session on the Roots of Rock, got a Rock Star tattoo painted on his hand, got to dance in the main stage area, and got a free Rock Hall yo-yo for a souvenir. (Funny story, when I asked him if he wanted a tattoo on his hand he asked if it would hurt –  I explained it was only paint, not a real tattoo. He may have been slightly disappointed!)

We pointed out all the things about Elvis at the Rock Hall.  During the Roots of Rock session they ran a video of Elvis singing Hound Dog on the Ed Sullivan Show.  In the exhibit area, we took him to an interactive video station where you could click on a style of music, then choose an artist.  It would play one of their songs while showing their musical influences.  Elvis was one and Andy was mildly interested.  We then moved to the Elvis exhibit area, which had one of his Cadillacs, some of his costumes, a couple of his guns, and some concert posters and other memorabilia.   He was sort of  interested in a pair of his boots with silver sequins on them.

We then moved into a theater with videos and interviews focusing on lyrics and songwriting.  The last clip was of Elvis and Ann-Margaret in Viva Las Vegas!, song and dance number, What’d I Say.  He did like that, so maybe he caught on a little then. (Or maybe he just liked watching Ann-Margaret shake her tush!)

By then Andy’s attention span had reached his limit.  I still think he will like the music, even if he can’t connect with the the King as a person.  I plan to get some Elvis movies for him to watch, I think he would really like them since he is a movie nut.  Oh, and the Ann-Margaret thing…..

All in all, we had a fun day, thanks to the USOD and the Rock Hall.  Elvis does live on in Cleveland!

And “The Boss” was there too – we’ll save that for another day.

Bruce Springsteen Exhibit Poster

Footnote:  Sorry for the lack of photos, no photos allowed beyond the lobby in the Rock Hall.


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3 Responses to We introduce Andy to Elvis – with mixed results

  1. Jenny says:

    Excellent story, sounds like it was a good time! If Andy starts wearing his hair in a Elvis style I”m coming after you! LOL


  2. Pammy Girl says:

    I was thrilled to read this. Last fall a friend and I went to Niagara Falls and while there we decided to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this fall. I can’t wait!

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