Turkey Burn Out – Time to eat the “other” white meat!

Werner’s Smokehouse – A Barbecue Restaurant

Post Christmas run for the north before the snow flies….

After 3 days of sensational meals at 3 different houses (thanks to our Mom’s and Dana’s cousin Mark’s family!)  we headed home, searching for something other than turkey to eat on the way.  Driving north from Wilmington, Ohio, on I-71, I saw a sign for Werner’s Smokehouse at the route 35 exit and I said Bingo!  I’m in the mood for some pulled pork!

He does look a little suspicious...

We pass by there every time we head to the home place, but have never had time to stop or been there at meal time.  It was deserted at 11:45 am at Sunday lunch, especially compared to the Bob Evans nearby seemed which appeared to have a standing room only crowd.   It did get busier by 12:30 pm.  We were greeted by a cute piggie (no, not the waitress, she was a lovely lady) and the heavenly aroma of smoked pig (he’s still smiling so I guess he is unaffected by the scent of his comrades cooking),  AND the biggest collection of pig figurines I’ve every seen in one place.

That's a lot of pigs! Click to see a larger version

We were escorted to our table immediately and waited on right away.   Sweet tea for Dana and Diet Pepsi for me.  The menu had the usual barbecue restaurant fare – ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, pork chops, chicken, shrimp, steaks.  A couple of appetizers looked interesting, the Saratoga Chips and the Sweet Tater Chips.   Several delicious sounding desserts were on the menu, including chocolate pecan pie, but can you say Sugar Overload?  Just had to pass this trip….  They also have a full bar.

Drooling just looking at this!

Still full from 3 days of Christmas feasting, we turned to the sandwich menu.  I chose the pulled pork sandwich with a side of onion rings.  It did not disappoint – just the right amount of smoke and seasoning, some crispy bits, tenderly falling apart.  I added just a bit of their barbecue sauce, which had a sweet, slightly spicy, smoky flavor.  It was served on a sesame seed bun, the right size to make the pork the star and easy to eat.  My onion rings were crispy and hot.  Aaaahh, I was in heaven!

The Brisket

Now I am not a fan of beef brisket, mainly because you never know what you’re going to get – tough, stringy, gristly or tender, but Dana insists on ordering it whenever it’s on the menu.  And he did here too and was disappointed again.  It was served on Texas toast, but it even looked tough sticking out of the bread.  He said it was dry and tough, and got harder to eat the further into the sandwich he went.  I thought it looked like jerky.  His side of   “Crisscut Taters” (waffle fries everywhere else) were fresh and crisp.  Now repeat after me, NEVER order beef in a pork house, or anywhere else where it is not their specialty.  Dana of course disagrees, he said if they can smoke pork they should be able to correctly cook a brisket or else they should take it off their menu.  Having traveled in Texas extensively he is a brisket connoisseur so I have to listen to his complaints about it just about everywhere we go, unless of course the restaurant gets it right.  But in this case, not.  I will be generous and say maybe it was an off day, but buyer beware.  Just order the pork, OK?

Werner’s Smokehouse
11396 Allen Road
Jeffersonville, Ohio  43128
Located across from the Prime Outlet Malls in Jeffersonville at I-71 and US 35, between Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.  Reasonable prices and friendly service!
Have you eaten at Werner’s?  Add your review to the comments….

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One Response to Turkey Burn Out – Time to eat the “other” white meat!

  1. Jenny says:

    Made me hungry just reading about it. I even had Turkey burn out so eating a burger at Chilies with Jeanne was very good. The fruity cocktail didn’t hurt either.

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