A fall walk through the dunes

We have been blessed with some beautiful fall weather here on the North Coast, unusually clear, blue skies for this time of year and moderate temperatures in the 50’s.   A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of a lovely day to take a walk at east end of Headlands Beach State Park on Lake Erie, where the Headland Dunes lie.

The dunes are a protected area, but there are a couple of trails running through them.

The easternmost trail leads to a secluded cove where I found this most amazing piece of driftwood in the shape of a seal.  How I longed to take it home!

And this interesting arrangement of shells in the surf…

This center trail leads to the  mile long beach, the longest stretch of public beach in Ohio.

And a view of the old Coast Guard lighthouse

And a brave soul wind surfing, that’s a cold sport on Lake Erie in November, but the wind was so high he was flying!

There’s not much else going on here today – as the sun sets and the air grows cooler we head back home for some hot cocoa


Headlands Beach State Park and Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve are a great place to visit most times of the year – even in the dead of winter if you can stand the cold.  It is a wonderful place to birdwatch especially during spring and fall migration when traveling birds stop to rest on their way to and from Canada.  For more info visit Headlands Beach State Park


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19 Responses to A fall walk through the dunes

  1. moondustwriter says:

    your photographs tell a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing them

  2. slamdunk says:

    Great pictures–we enjoy looking a driftwood shapes when we have the opportunity.

  3. The lighthouse caught my eye and I just had to read! My husband and I are lighthouse enthusiasts to the point where not only did we get married in one (the top is known as the Wedding Cake or Wedding Topper, depending on who you ask), but spent our honeymoon visiting several in our state (Washington). Thank you for sharing this; I’m quite certain we’ll be visiting soon. 🙂


  4. Thorsaurus says:

    Ohio? Really, I would have never guessed. Your photos are incarcerating. They make me want to visit. When I was growing up, Lake Erie was synonymous with water pollution. It appears to have been cleaned up nicely. Thanks for the view.

  5. vagrantjack says:

    Great pictures! Looks a lot like the outer banks in North Carolina.

  6. Lovely pics Sally. My wife and I live very close to the coast here in the northeast of Scotland and it would appear to be a very similar coastline. If you look up on Google Earth we live near Lossiemouth. The sea bordered by our coastline is known as the Moray Firth and goes from Inverness right along to the North Sea.
    Thanks again for the pics.

  7. Lisa says:

    Really beautiful photo essay. I especially love the beach in fall and winter.

  8. momromp says:

    Thank you so much for this post! Brought some tears to my eyes. We just moved from northwest Ohio and these pictures reminded me so much of that area and areas in northern Michigan. Ohio and Michigan have so much beauty in them!

  9. Dan says:

    Enjoyed the photos. For those of us who believe in the Northcoast, you add depth of the meaning. I have a special fondest for sunsets over the Lake, also various photos I have taken of the Park Systems. History here has a profound influence on American Culture. We have nothing to be ashamed of in the sense that many, who degrade NE Ohio, simply don’t get it, we are still pivotal to America identity. Keep up the good work.

  10. Some deeply buried memory was aroused by the simplicity of your shots. Something very American, almost holy.
    Beauty is, truly, in the eyes of the beholder.

  11. Paul says:

    Wonderful photos of Ohio beach lands. Love the lighthouse especially and beach path.

    Good luck.


  12. pedro says:

    Very good I like very much?

  13. surprisecadence says:

    I loved this post so much. I know nothing about Ohio but your photos clearly tell the story of an exceptional year. All best x

  14. Thomas Moroney says:

    Those are quite beautiful pictures. Like a scene from a movie almost.

  15. sunshinelollipop says:

    nice pics. different to see

  16. Reggie says:

    These photos are beaauuutiful. More! More! 🙂

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