Swine Flu Go Away – We get “The Shot”

What line?

Despite the controversy around the H1N1 vaccine, our family decided we would be better off to get it.  There was a “first round” clinic at the high school last Sunday, and all of three of us being in one of the risk groups qualified for round one.

We heard that the previous week’s clinic went smoothly, with waits from 11 to 27 minutes, the longest wait times being in the morning.   Originally the county health department had limited the shots to residents of only one area in the county, but the response was so light compared to what they expected that they opened last Sunday’s clinic to all county residents falling into the initial risk categories.  So we decided to take a chance on late-morning (shots were given from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm).

As we drove into the parking lot outside the high school’s Fine Arts auditorium I was shocked – where were the lines of  honking cars, where were the lines of frantic people?  We found a close parking space.  At the door we were greeted by a volunteer and directed to the registration area.  Since we had downloaded and completed our registration forms ahead of time, we were given a number and directed to have a seat in the auditorium. 

It was about 1/4 full with a very cheery crowd of mostly adults and some very little children.  (School age children were vaccinated at their home schools.)  We were called to move to the “shot room” in groups of 25.  We waited about 10 minutes before our group was called.  There were two rooms- the planners had thankfully set aside a room for “strollers” which was a euphemism for “screamers.”  Andy looked a little worried as we waited our turn listening to the very loud protestations of a small child, but we were finally ushered into a quiet, calm room where EMT’s from local fire departments administered the shots.

Andy passed the time with his tunes

The funniest thing was Andy talking himself through it and the EMT responding.  Andy was saying, It’s OK, and the EMT would say, Yes, it’s OK,  Andy would say, Just hold on, and the EMT would say, Yes, I’m getting it ready.  Just before he was injected Andy said, Be careful now, and the the EMT said, Yes I’ll be careful – I about fell on the floor laughing, and the EMT was having a hard time holding it in! 

So we all did fine, got through in 15 minutes total, and are now protected.  The only side effect was Dana’s arm was sore for a while, I did not have any discomfort at all, and Andy didn’t report any problems.  Dana did not even get flu-like symptoms like he does with the regular flu shot. 

Kudos to the Lake County General Health District for the great way this was handled and to all the volunteers who helped!  

Now when can we get that vaccine for the common cold?


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