Dancing with the Stars – UPDATE – Who will win?


UPDATE:   Down to the Final 3 – So happy it’s Donny, Kelly and Mya!

I love this show, I don’t care who knows.  When the theme song comes on it’s like the party has started!   It so surprises me that these stars, musicians and athletes who are or have been at the top of their respective fields mostly take this so seriously.  A review of the four  three who are left:

Kelly Osbourne:  I was rooting for Kelly from the beginning though I thought she might be one of the slackers.  Through the season she has really buckled down and is so much fun to watch. 

Donny Osmond:   What can I say about Donny Osmond – he’s Donny!  I’m so happy he’s in the top 3.   He is a great entertainer.  He’s got a grueling schedule but he has powered through.

Mya:  I did not know who Mya was at the start, but she has grown on me and I think she has the best chance to win if she has the fan support. 

Joanna:  I didn’t think she had what it takes but she became a front runner right away.  Personally, I don’t like her “look”. 

All  have worked their butts off (literally!) to get in the finals.  So, who do you think will win?  Vote on the top 3 in my poll.   Leave a comment to say why if you like  And don’t forget to vote online or by phone to help your favorite win!

**Note:  your vote here is just for fun and has no effect on the TV vote. 


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