Stories from the Road – I’ve got sunshine….


One hour north of Myrtle Beach we finally broke into the sun! It was 85 degrees! We shucked our jackets and jeans and our Ohio gray skies, threw on our t-shirts and short pants and beach attitude. We had some errands to run to “move in” to our home away from home, but on the way, the beach, the ocean!   We stocked up at Wal-Mart with breakfast foods, snacks and drinks. Then back to the condo to pick up the rest of our crew and find some dinner.

It was my mother’s birthday so we headed to Seafood World. She truly had a seafood feast with their combo platter of flounder, shrimp, oysters, and scallops which she pronounced the best seafood dinner she ever had!  Three were ordered by our table, along with a platter of fried shrimp and popcorn shrimp for Andy. It was a great start to the culinary part of our adventure.

The next day we decided to do some exploring, heading back to the ocean front. We headed north on Ocean Boulevard, enjoying the many beautiful resorts along the way. We stopped at the public beach on 34th N, as recommended to us by several people. Some of the sights and scenes of the beach:

Andy on the beach

Andy on the beach

Not our condo

Not our condo...

We finally ended up in Little River, NC, for lunch. Just a random stop landed us at Mama Jean’s and Paapa’s Hickory Smoked Barbecue ….. I did take a photo of our yummy barbecue meal.

Oh yeah! 

This was traditional NC barbecue with a southern vinegar based barbecue – not my favorite but the sauce was on the side so I ate mine plain – the meat was so well seasoned that it really didn’t need sauce. And the hush puppies? I do not think I have ever had such light and tasty morsels. It was really a lucky stop. The clue was the full parking lot**. They were having a Sunday brunch and most of the local people must have been there. None of our party partook in that feast, but it looked just like a church supper spread.

**A general rule: Full parking lot + trucks = great food and good prices!

Since we had already been on the road for 2 days, we headed back south. It was dinner time as we got near home and even though we were in a great seafood town, we were craving pizza. Blame it on Mom’s every Sunday night pizza bake, we have pizza on Sunday night in our veins. Just 2 blocks from our condo there was a pizza palace, The Mellow Mushroom. This turned out to be a lucky stop too. They had a fun atmosphere, with a funky golf theme. The pizzas had a crispy hand tossed garlic parmesan crust and they had an extensive list of specialty pizzas and extra toppings. Our crowd had 1 house special, with 3 meats and some veggies, 1 Mighty Meat, with six meats, and 1 Cheese Only for (someone doesn’t like toppings!) Dana had PBR – I know, I know low brow for him, but hey, they were a buck a bottle! Yeah, he’s living high….


That ended our first days … this adventure continues…..


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