We interrupt your regularly scheduled reading for this brief announcement….



We’re going on a road trip! 

 Later this week we are heading to Myrtle Beach, SC,  for a week of fun and hopefully sun, leaving the dreary skies of  Northeastern Ohio behind.


Look for stunning photos of sea and sky, and luscious images of seafood, barbeque and decadent desserts on both my blog and Dana’s blog, Mid Life Adventures.  The only catch – we are staying at a friend’s condo which is empty most of the time so no high speed internet 24-7.  We will be heading to a coffee shop or other Wi-Fi hot spots when we can, but may not be posting every day.  Bookmark, check back or subscribe to follow us on this fun trip – and as always, thanks for reading!


Oh, and if you have any suggestions of where we should go and eat, leave me a comment.  We’ve never been there before so it will all be new to us. (No golf suggestions, please –  I know it’s a great golf destination but no golfers in this group.)

Now, sing along with me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I found out long ago (oh,oh oh)
It’s a long way down the holiday road (oh, oh, oh)
Holiday road
Holiday road
  – Soundtrack, National Lampoon’s Vacation

If you’re really bored, you can click on my June archives and read about our last trip  – to Arizona/New Mexico.  See you soon…………….


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A little blog about the ordinary and not so ordinary things our family does, places we travel, things we see. Like travel, cooking, family stories, book reviews, music? You will find it all here - comments welcome!
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One Response to We interrupt your regularly scheduled reading for this brief announcement….

  1. Catrina says:

    Hi Sally,
    I hope you all enjoy your trip! I think you should try out Thornys, (Great bbq Ribs,Chicken and steak)Also Benjamins calabash! Excellent buffet! Well have fun we will hope for excellent weather for you! Also if you are boared and looking for an indoor activity I suggest the mall(its sounds boring but they have an excellent mall over there) And they also have one of those water massages! You would LOVE it! Its very relaxing and you wont want to get out,lol, Its a great experience. Well again have fun and Enjoy!

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