Squash Pie Update – Long Island Cheese Pumpkin


Re:  My previous post Squash, Squash…… Pumpkin! A Pie Story

Got a note from my mother regarding cooking the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin:

“… I made four pies, gave 2 away and we ate the others in 2 days. I don’t think they  microwave very well, too much liquid comes out of them.  I will try the oven next time.”

Well, they do have one more person eating pie at their house than we do (2 at ours, 3 at theirs) but wow!  2 pies gone in two days?  They must be eating it for breakfast.  I wish I had a photo of my mom’s pies, she makes great pie crust!  Anyway, some good advice regarding the cooking method for this variety of squash. 

Regarding squash vs. pumpkin pie – they are very close to the same taste.  I have made many pies from butternut squash – I think they are easier to cook than pumpkin because of the shape.  If you have a very discerning palate, you may think they have a more “vegetable” taste than pumpkin which presents as a more “fruit” taste.   However, that was the interesting thing about the Long Island Cheese Pumpkin (really a squash, see previous post).  It made a sweet and creamy pulp.  If you missed my pie post, scroll on down to see how I cooked the squash and the pie.



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