What’s Cookin’? Revolution Pie

You may think Revolution Pie is what’s cooking on the streets of America but not here, this is a political free zone.


Revolution Pie is a Beatles cover band that we went to see Sunday Night in front of the municipal building. This weekend was the last festival of the summer, Better in Mentor Days. Is it better in Mentor? Sometimes, but especially when Revolution Pie is rockin’ the park!


You can link to their web site for more info on the individual players. As a group, they were very entertaining and excellent musicians. Some of the vocals were a tad off in small ways, and the lead singer seemed to be having an off night, he had trouble hitting the high notes. Some of it may have been a sound problem.


P1020939The guys were high energy crowd pleasers, engaging the crowd in sing-a-longs (although most of us were singing along during the whole performance anyway) and crowd waves. P1020965No dancers, except for what I call “seat dancers”, bobbing heads and tapping feet. Ok, I admit I am a seat dancer, too. Andy got up to dance for awhile; he loves music and can’t sit still for long when the spirit strikes him to move. P1020952The song selections came from all Beatles eras, from very early to later. We hope to catch them in concert again someday.

At the festival there was a midway and a vendor tent, but we skipped all that this year. None of us are big on rides, and the vendor tent is mainly filled with politicians and worthy causes. It’s a great place to stock up on nail files, pens and yardsticks but since we still had surplus from last year (an election year, remember? so there were more than usual!) we took a pass.

Another reason we go to Better in Mentor days is for the food, specifically Corbo’s Bakery.

P1020967Corbo’s is a famous bakery located in the Little Italy section of Cleveland. We rarely get down there, and we shouldn’t ever eat at Corbo’s more than once a year because their baked goods are to die for, but too much and you would keel over. I don’t have an Italian grandma, but I’ve been told by those who do that this is how they cook. On their festival wagon, Corbo’s also has pasta and meatballs, but tonight was all about the cannoli and tiramisu. P1020968Dana had a chocolate chip cannoli, a crispy shell, ends dipped in chocolate, filled with mascarpone cheese with chocolate chips. I had the tiramisu, layers of  lady fingers, mascarpone cheese, espresso and chocolate, so light you would never know you are eating a million calories! They are also famous for their cassata cake, a gooey multi layer sponge cake with cream and fruit. I have had both the cannoli and cassata cake before and can attest to their deliciousness!  And a reason to only visit once a year….

Corbo’s Bakery
12200 Mayfield Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
(216) 421-8181
No web site

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2 Responses to What’s Cookin’? Revolution Pie

  1. Renee Snider says:

    Hi Sally
    Larry Chapman put me on to your blog, which allowed me to catch a glimpse of your life in Mentor. I also got to see the pictures of Larry and Jerry that were included in links or earlier posts. You all seem to be thriving. I think of your Turner family often, and wonder how everyone is doing. Please give them my regards. Dana, too.
    Renee Snider

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