You say Gyro, I say Gyro

A Restaurant Review – and a caution

When we lived in Cincinnati we were introduced to the Greek pita wrap known as the “Gyro”.  In Cincy, it was properly pronounced “Yee-ro”.   First time I ordered one at a gyro place in Mentor, they said “you want a Hero?”  Oops, seems here on the North Coast they say J-eye-ro.    However you pronounce it, it’s delicious when properly done. 


We have a couple of great gyro places here in Mentor.  One of the standouts is Nick’s.  In addition to their location on Mentor Avenue they have a mobile unit P1020937that shows up at most fairs/festivals.

Gyro Pita Wrap

Gyro Pita Wrap

Nick’s gyros are made to order, all ingredients are very fresh.  The meat is crispy and hot, sliced off the rotisserie as ordered, spicy without being overwhelming.   It is the Americanized version, more like meatloaf on a spit, not the meat slices that would be traditionally Greek.    The tzatziki sauce is smooth with just the right combination of tangy yogurt and cool cucumber.   I like to get mine in salad form, the pitas can be messy to eat, but holy crap!   Look at the size of this salad:

HUGE Pita Salad

Gyro Salad, for two, at least

This is served on, and is the size of, a dinner plate, with at least 1/2 again as much food as the wrap.  Doesn’t come with pita bread, but I always get it on the side because it’s so good, soft and warm.  I don’t think they bake it on the premises but it tastes like it just came out of the oven.  The prices are reasonable and a you can see you get BIG portions.  There were two meals in that salad.

The staff is always friendly and will accomodate special requests (I usually leave off the onion).   The place is spotlessly clean – the only funny thing is this big ficus in the ladies room –  I felt like I was being attackeded by greenery when I opened the door.


And, it's only a "single"

So, if you are ever in our area I suggest “Eat at Nick’s” – but watch out for the ficus in the bathroom….

Nick’s #1 Gyros
8764 Mentor Ave
Mentor, Ohio  44060
(440) 974-5138
No web site

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