Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! The Vine That Ate the House!

Turner Squash Plant 08_2009

 Isn’t there already a movie by that name?  Of course, in the Horror Plant Movie genre there are:

Night of the Killer Tomatoes, Day of the Triffids, Little Shop of Horrors.  There’s also a scary vine scene in Jumanji!

But nothing can compare to a “volunteer plant” surrounding the house, filling up the front yard, trapping you in the house, devouring your flesh to feed its unholy appetite….  oh sorry, got a little carried away there!

This squash plant is growing across the front of my parent’s house in Southwestern Ohio.  Here’s what my mother said about it:

I wanted you to see the squash plant the puppies planted this spring.   They were playing with a dried squash from last year and the seeds fell out by the porch.  When I left it grow I didn’t think about it getting this big.  [We never do, do we?] One of the vines grew up on the bench and produced a squash which is resting on the bench now.” [What bench?]

Were the puppies part of the conspiracy?  When 2 were adopted out, did they leave their brother with instructions to let the plant grow and take over the people, enabling him to have all the toast he could eat, not just the stingy 1 piece per day?

His plan in motion, he is content.

His plan in motion, he is content.


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One Response to Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! The Vine That Ate the House!

  1. Jenny says:

    did I spell that write?????? Anyway good story and really funny!

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