Friday Night, Party Night!

It’s Friday, it’s August and that means two things – Beach Bonfire Party and Mentor Old Village Market!

Where Andy Went

A little before 6 pm Dana and I headed down to the beach at Fairport Harbor with Andy for Lake MetroPark’s annual Beach Bonfire Party.  We could hear the music as we pulled into the parking lot – always a good sign.   Andy had on his tie-dyed shirt and dancing shoes.   The pavilion was full of party goers and the place was rockin!




Look at the size of those speakers!

Look at the size of those speakers!

Chow line

Chow line

The master fire builder

The master fire builder

It was a fairly gray evening, but warm and the rain held off.  The music was heavy on High School Musical and Hannah Montana and the DJ had the crowd pumped up.  We hung around a while and compared summer vacations with the other parents, but when the chow line formed we headed out for our own adventure.  I’d love to tell you more about the party but Andy made us promise to LEAVE!!
Where We Went
Dana and I headed up to Lawnfield, the James A. Garfield Historic Site.  It is a National Park and well worth the stop if you are in our area.  The grounds are beautiful, it has a really nice visitors center and the house is full of interesting antiques, many from the Garfield family.  For 4 Friday nights in August the City of Mentor holds the Old Village Market on the grounds.  
We grabbed a hot dog and a brat and settled in to listen to the entertainment – this guy was a good singer and player, but he didn’t have a sign so we never got his name.
Anonymous singer and nice guy

Anonymous singer and nice guy

 He was very entertaining, unfortunately to a very small crowd.  Next we headed to the East Coast Custard booth for a delicacy called “East Coast Crunch” – yummy!

Our favorite stop was the Spice Hound.
He had bins full of every kind of spice and pepper.  We purchased a medium size mortar and pestle from him then Dana spied the dried “ghost chilis.”  Ghost chilis are the hottest chilis in the world, also called  Naga Jolokia, or King Cobra Chili.  Just the night before we saw Adam Richman on Man vs. Food eat a fresh one on a hamburger and nearly pass out.  Dana hasn’t tried it yet, I’ll get back to you on that.  Anyway, I asked the Spice Hound if he would be back the next week, intending to go home and inventory my spices, but he didn’t think so.  However, he is at another market weekly so that will give us an excuse for a field trip one of these days.
Here are some more photos from the market, wander the grounds with me…
Balloon man

Balloon man



Peaches, corn, apples!







About 8 pm we headed back to get Andy.  No rush, his party lasts until 9 pm and we know he will stay until the DJ turns off the lights (in a manner of speaking since they are on the beach).

Before we leave, I pause to reflect on President Garfield and his family, and I think they would heartily approve of their home and grounds being used for the enjoyment of the people of his city.


Back to the Beach

The party is still going strong at 8:30 pm so we hang out in the parking lot talking to other parents whose kids don’t want to see them yet either.


As night comes on, the fire burns down, the DJ turns off the music – we collect Andy and head for home, another fun night for all on the North Coast!



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