What’s That Smell????

It’s roasting ox of course! Every year on or about July 4 the fire department of Mesopotamia, Ohio, holds a fundraiser and flea market, roasting haunches of ox, frying pounds of potatoes, and serving it all up to an appreciative crowd, an average of 18,000 sandwiches served in 3 days.

Friday July 3, it was a misty rainy morning. We started from home at 11:20 am with a promise from the weather man that the rain at least would move out by about 1 pm. As we drove south through Geauga County it didn’t look so promising and even started misting as we entered Amish country in Trumbull County outside Mespo (as the locals call it.) We drove by some beautiful Amish homes and farms, and arrived as the mist let up. Found a good parking and wound our way thru the flea market to get in line.
As we waited we were able to look over some of the flea market offerings.
A man in line behind us started speculating on how the Amish horses were tied up so they didn’t escape and proceeded to quiz an Amish woman in a booth selling quilt chances on did the horses every get loose, were they ever stolen, did they have a buggy shop? She was very indulgent and answered his every question, and his wife said if any horses went missing, they would know who to look for LOL!!
After about 15 minutes we got to the front of the line and chose barbecued pulled roast and crispy French fries. Two sandwiches, a side of fries and 2 drinks for $12.00, and all for a good cause.
After our feast we headed out to peruse the flea market offerings. Now, Mespo is about 4 blocks long, with a general store, a couple of churches and some other small businesses and homes. It is built with a park in the center, that is about 2 blocks long and during the roast it is packed with rows and rows of antique and flea market vendors. It is so much fun to poke thru all the interesting items. Enjoy some views of the fun fest!

Want to see even more photos of our day? Go to www.picasaweb.google.com/sallyk1029.


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