Day 6 – Pinos Altos to Tucson

So we had to leave our happy home in the mountains – did I tell you we were on the Continental Divide?  Here’s the sign just around the corner from the cabin:


Last night was a beautiful clear night.  The sky was full of stars, we could even see the Milky Way.  Even with binoculars I could see some star clusters and nebulae very clearly.  Of course, with Dana’s telescope it was even more amazing.  Saw lots of shooting stars too.  We stayed up until midnight stargazing, then the moon came up, so bright it blocked out viewing in half the sky!  It was a lovely sight.

Today was a killer, but we saw some interesting stuff.  Don’t have photos loaded yet so I will save it until the next post.  We got back to the hotel about 6 pm, hungry, exhausted.  There is no restaurant at the hotel so we went out and got Dana a beer and 2 pizzas and ate in our room.  Then Andy’s reward – an hour in the swimming pool!  A relaxing time in the hot tub for me and Dana and then we enjoyed sitting poolside in the warm evening air, talking about how we will miss the warm when we get back to Mentor.  Yeah, we see it’s going to be in the 70’s next week so maybe we will have summer after all.

 Tomorrow was supposed to be a slow start, with our take-off time at 2:30 pm.  BUT, Continental changed our flight to the 10:30 am flight because of a change in the Houston to Cleveland leg – yuk!  That means up at 6:30 to get ready.  Only good part is we will be back in Cleveland by 7:30  pm.  Still, wish it was the way we planned.  In the whole vacation, this will be the only glitch, so I guess we can’t complain – well we can but who cares, really.

So good night for now.  Probably no post tomorrow, we will be dead tired by the time we get home, so Sunday I hope to post final photos and a wrap up.

I end today with a photo of the painting that was on the wall over the bed of the cabin. 

Painting on wall of cabin over the bed

Painting on wall of cabin over the bed


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One Response to Day 6 – Pinos Altos to Tucson

  1. Larry says:

    Thanks for the updates on your trip. Sounds like you had a good time and saw some great stuff.

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