Day 5 – Pinos Altos and more cabin time

Look what I found this morning…

Cicada skin

Cicada skin

Took a walk around the cabin this morning looking for lizards – there is a desert cicada but I can’t positively identify this.  We hear them singing at night.  Dana found the rock, he thinks it’s petrified wood.

We started out slow this morning, still feeling the effects of our trip up the mountain yesterday.  About noon we drove into Pinos Altos, the little town up the road.  No place to eat there so we went back into Silver City to the Adobe Springs Cafe.  Now if a place looks like this and it’s called an adobe cafe you would expect some Mexican food right?

Adobe Springs Cafe, Silver City, NM

Adobe Springs Cafe, Silver City, NM

No.  So I had this:

Grilled Cheese with Green Chilies, Avocado, Cheddar Cheese on wheat,  side of sweet potato fries

Grilled Cheese with Green Chilies, Avocado, Cheddar Cheese on wheat, side of sweet potato fries

Looks good, but very bland, just no flavor at all.  So, moving on.

We went drove back to tour Pinos Altos (Tall Pines), almost a ghost town, they call it a Historic Mining Town.   You can read all about it if you wish at   Everything was closed except the museum/curio shop and the ice cream parlor/post office.  The museum was really great, the proprietor said the property had been in his family since 1866.  He was a true character and a very nice guy who told us about all the stuff in the museum, which was a lot.  Here are some photos:

Pinos Altos Museum

Pinos Altos Museum





This place was crammed full – huge collection of arrow heads and rocks, bottles, photos, etc, etc.  I bought a rock off him and a T-shirt for Andy.  I’ll take a photo of the rock when I get home – it had geodes in it.  He wrapped it in bubble wrap for me since I had to get it home by airplane.  Again, he was very nice and told us a lot about the area.  He had an old black and white terrier named Sally (Andy thought that was funny), bushy gray hair , wearing a t-shirt from his shop that was full of holes and no teeth in front, but again, a very nice guy.  He also had a very nice car, so he must have money from some source.

We also visited the ice cream shop/post office, and the guy there knows the owner of our cabin and showed us a photo of the owner, Bob, with tigers in Thailand.  Don’t ask, I don’t know why he was there with tigers, but it was interesting.  Also, the guy who owned the ice cream shop was born in Lakewood, Ohio, but his parents moved to California when he was little.    Small world.

Ice Cream Shop/Post Office - Historic Building

Ice Cream Shop/Post Office - Historic Building

We came back to the cabin to rest and start organizing our stuff for our departure tomorrow.  Dana and I were birdwatching, trying to ID birds with our guide book and the All About Birds web site.  We saw what we thought were Mexican Jays but we weren’t sure.  They were making a lot of noise, so we decided to play their call from the web site.  When we did, the bird started really making a racket.  So I turned the volume on the computer up and played it again.  That really set them off and they flocked to the trees and electric lines around the cabin, about 6 birds.  We kept playing it over and over and they flew around, closer and closer until we got some really good photos.  Here’s one:

Mexican Jay

Mexican Jay - where is that noise coming from?

We kept up that entertainment for about an hour, playing songs of other birds we had seen in the area.  We were able to call in 3 Curved Bill Thrashers, and got Spotted Towhees and Black-Headed Grosbeaks to answer but they didn’t fly to the cabin to investigate.  Dana has some great bird photos on his blog so check it out.  We decided we have got to try this trick at home!
I leave you with a sunset photo taken today.  Tomorrow we head to Tucson.
Sunset from Pinos Altos Cabins

Sunset from Pinos Altos Cabins


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